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The Salcombe Ferry Crossing

Salcombe ferry map.JPG
Suzie salcombe ferry.jpg

The Salcombe ferry takes passengers across the Salcombe Harbour to and from East Portlemouth.

Summer Time Table

The summer time table sees the ferry going from the ferry steps just beside the Ferry Inn to East Portlemouth slip. During the peak summer times they start at 8:30AM and run every half an hour until 10:00 AM, after that the ferry runs continuously until late (around 6PM).

Winter Time Table

In winter the ferry runs from Whitestrand pontoon to East Portlemouth slip. The timetable is every half an hour from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. The ferry runs everyday even in bad weather, unless the flag is flying at the Ferry Steps. If the flag is up, then the Ferry is collecting and dropping off at ditch end where it is sheltered from the wind.

They have 4 boats which can run continuously during summer to keep the queues down, there names are Georgia, Lady Mary, Suzie, and Felicity.

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