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indoor dry boat storage


Our Storage

Our storage isn't outdoor storage or under cover storage, our storage is dry and safe, inside a series of  secure shed spaces.


Our indoor storage is surveyed with both 24/7 surveillance cameras and onsite security. We have a 100% theft free record.

Indoor storage

Every boat stored with us is kept indoors, in dry and safe storage with ventilation.

Our storage comes with battery charging as standard!



Full public liability insurance.
Once you become a customer, our secure location will be given to you for insurance purposes.


£6.75 per foot per month


Our storage costs £6.75 per foot per month or £81 per foot per year.

(£22.14 per meter per month or £265.68 per meter per year.)

We include battery charging as standard with every boat stored with us. It's important to keep a battery between 40% and 80% charged as this gives it the longest life expectancy saving you money and reducing breakdowns.

Unlike most storage, we only charge for the length of the boat, not the trailer, which is often 3 foot longer.

The location is accessed by staff who will also launch your boat for you. See our Launch and recover service.

For a discounted price on storage, valeting and transport check out our package deals.

All prices are not subject to VAT.



£6.75 per foot, per month

We have the ability to launch, recover and store boats up to 3,500kg in our dry, secure, indoor storage facility.

We can store any type of boat so long as it can legally be towed on a public road.

We can store your boat on your personal trailer, or a trailer can be hired from us.

We are able to service, winterise and antifoul your boat once in storage with us.



£15 per week

Trailers on their own can be stored at our storage facility in the Mounts once your boat has been launched.


Trailers are included with our boat storage customers.

Before storage every trailer is pressure washed with fresh water .

We can also carry out annual maintenance to keep trailers in a safe working condition.


Inflatables, Kayaks and Paddleboards

£200 per year for Inflatables.

£1.50 per foot per month for solid kayaks and boards

Inflatable tenders can be stored in our dry indoor storage at a reduced price of just £200 for the entire year.

An inflatable boat with a hard floor will be priced at the standard storage price of £6.75 per foot, per month.

If you store the tender in your own boat with us then this is free.


Kayaks and solid paddle boards are charged at £1.50 per foot per month + a delivery fee.


Outboard storage and winterisation

Outboard engines are stored upright and locked onto a fixed beam inside our storage facility.

Each outboard engine gets winterised before storage.

Prices are £50 per outboard up to 10hp and £70 per outboard up to 20hp this includes the winterisation.

All prices are not subject to VAT.


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Ali Jones - Sea-n-shore

Hamstone storage have gone above and beyond with care and attention to detail. The boats are prepped  for storage in an efficient and professional manner .

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