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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you store the boats?

Every boat, trailer and caravan is stored indoors in a secure compound with CCTV. The location is somewhere near the mounts and will only be disclosed to customers after going through security questions. The Mounts is an ideal location as there are no small lanes and it's perfectly positioned between Salcombe and Dartmouth.

Is there a size limit?

Rule of thumb, if it can legally be towed on a public highway then we can store it! The storage facility can be accessed via the main road, so as long as it can be towed, there should be no problem.

How are storage prices quoted?

If you would like a quote for storing your Salcombe, Dartmouth or local boat then give me a call or email. However as a rule of thumb, quotes are based off the boat or caravan and not the trailer. This will save you a lot of money as trailers are normally much longer.

Where can you Launch and Recover?

We can launch the boat at Salcombe Batson slip way, Whitestrand slip way, Hopecove slip way, Aveton Gifford slip way and Dartmouth higher ferry slip way.

Do you have any moorings?

We currently don't have anymore available moorings to rent. However we are on a commercial waiting list and hope to get more next season 2023.

Can I work on my boat in storage?

Due to safety, insurance and security only professionals with insurance are allowed to work on boats in storage. Heat or equipment that creates excess heat is not allowed. If you have a boat stored with me which needs maintenance then let us know and we can arrange a time slot.

When will you launch my boat?

We can launch your boat all year round on a date that suits you. So long as we have enough notice (3-4 days)  and as long as the weather and tides align. 

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